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Paint Your Own Pottery

Our core activity at Studio Ceramics is Paint your own Pottery. We have a fantastic range of white bisque (pottery which has already been kiln fired once) in a variety of different shapes – from teacups to pizza plates, from soap dishes to money banks, from princess figurines to alien dudes. You name it, we probably stock it!

Once you have chosen your piece, decide on your pattern or colour scheme and help yourself to our ceramic glazes. These are all non-toxic and water soluble so there is no disaster if you make a mistake! The Studio has lots of samples to inspire you, and lots of resource material where you can find patterns or pictures to copy or adapt as you wish. Or you might want to try a different simple technique like sponging or stamping. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you create your masterpiece – no previous experience is necessary and the activity is great fun and suitable for all ages.

When you are satisfied with your painting, leave your piece with us to dry. We will glaze it and fire it and within 5-7 days your unique ceramic piece will be ready for collection.

This is an ideal way to have fun and create a personal gift for a friend or parent – or why not have a private party at the Studio for a group of friends to make that special gift.

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clay Hands and footprints

Every parent wants to capture those special moments with a new baby. What better way to do this than with a set of tiny hand or foot prints?

There is no better memento of your precious BABY or child than a set of hand or footprints, forever yours in clay. We are experts at gently pressing little hands and feet into soft clay, cutting the clay into a shape of your choice – perhaps a heart or a circle – and then adding a delicate wash of colour, your child’s name, and date if desired.  Or for older children, perhaps a hand or foot print in paint, incorporated into a lovely mother’s day plate or a present for Grandmother? And we can make copies of your baby’s tiny imprints into stamps for a unique design on a plate or milk jug.

And don’t forget baby’s first Christmas, or Ramadam, or Easter. A hanging ornament with baby’s footprint or handprint and the date will go down a treat especially with relatives who are far away.

Your finished work of art will take 2-3 weeks from print to finish, to allow for  drying, painting and 2 firings.  We can frame it for you for better protection, or you can leave it simple with a ribbon tie for hanging.  Ask about our outprints too, which look gorgeous in a bronze finish.

Creative Clay

Wet clay modeling is a popular activity at the Studio. We have many projects available, including fish, plates, owls, bunnies, bowls, turtles, masks and more! Or come and get creative with your own design!  We need you to book in for wet clay work so we can be ready for you. Come alone, or come in a group, or even book a wet clay party!

We can discuss the project ahead of time, have everything ready for when you arrive, and we will explain everything along the way so there is no need for prior experience. The opportunity to work with your hands and imagination allows everyone – children and adults – to discover the fluidity and immediate gratification of working with clay.

We will make sure your creation is strong enough to withstand the kiln, and then you can start decorating!  Its fun to do a creative clay project in one session, where you paint straight on to the wet clay. leaving the finished project with us to air dry before we fire it. Your unique project will be ready for collection in approximately 2 weeks!



The Studio runs very popular CAMPS during school holidays.  The camps are great fun, and each week features ceramic painting, creative clay and other wonderful  and imaginative arts and crafts. We have huge resources for all sorts of crafts and activities suitable for ages 5-12.

All our camps feature one hour of MAD SCIENCE which is a fun interactive science enrichment programme for children.  Our camp kids love their science hour and it is just as popular with the girls as the boys.

A typical camp day might be:

  • Ceramic Painting: mini Aquarium. Paint a tiny sea creature for your mini acquarium
  • Mad Science: Super Sonic Hanger Banger – the science of sound
  • Disco movements
  • Collage art
  • Mini Aqarium assembly and decoration

Our camps run from 9am-1pm and include a break for healthy snacks and drinks. Camps are popular so be sure to book ahead!

Contact the Studio for more information on upcoming camps and discounts available for multiple day bookings and siblings. Early drop off and late pick up options are available on request.

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