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Studio Ceramics was started in Bahrain in 2007 by two British friends who had an interest in art and wanted to create a fun environment for their children. What began as an idea came to fruition as a beautiful art studio in Budaiya, full of exciting and fun art projects which allow everyone to be an artist. You only have to step into this calm haven to discover a peaceful and creative niche in Bahrain. We are very proud of our supporters who work hard to ensure all our visitors have a fabulous time.

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Art Studio in Bahrain

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It stands for Paint Your Own Pottery – which means we stock lots of plain white fired pieces in all sorts of shapes and sizes –and you come and add design and colour to your chosen piece. Once you have finished painting, we glaze and fire the piece in our kiln. The firing process is magical, transforming a simple painted piece into a shiny ceramic masterpiece, ready for you to collect in about 5-7 days.

Not at all! Children love it of course and we do lots of Field Trips here too, but it’s a satisfying and productive activity for all the family. Its really nice to make unique pieces as gifts for friends or a loved one. All our paints are foodsafe so you can make a practical ceramic piece like a mug or a plate or a serving dish as well as ornaments. We have seasonal pieces for Ramadan, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas, and pieces suitable for themes like National Day, Bahrain, Beach Life. Plus ceramic beads, pendants and fridge magnets! We are open all day from 9.30am so ladies often like to come in to the Studio after school drop off or the gym and spend a couple of tranquil hours painting. At weekends we often offer family discounts and we love getting the dads involved. Note to any Dads reading this – its great to come with your kids and have them paint Mothers Day, Birthday or other special gifts for Mum!

Everyone is creative even if they don’t think they are. And we have plenty of samples and stencils for inspiration. We run classes for more adventurous projects. But at any time during our opening hours you can drop in and our staff will show you what to do, it’s very easy. Think of it as a social activity as well, come with your friends, enjoy coffee with us, have some fun!

We often get asked to do commissions, and we are happy to do them. We price them according to complexity and amount of time required.

Yes we do. We don’t use wheels, but we do carry clay which we offer in a variety of ways. Of course there are the clay hand and footprints, and the clay/tile self portraits we mentioned already. Or you can ‘Play with Clay’ – for 10BD we give you a ball of clay and tools and you can model it as you like. The price includes 2 firings if you prefer to paint it at a later stage. This is a popular choice for school projects! We also do 3D clay modelling Field Trips, for example make a fish or a turtle. We provide all the instruction, tools and materials. For Field Trip projects, modelling and painting is done in one stage (total 2-2.5 hours) , and the finished product takes about 10days-2 weeks before it is ready.

What Our Customers Say

“What a fun and bright place to paint! The staff are super helpful and the finished pieces looked great. Thanks Studio Ceramics.”

“We had a great time painting at Studio Ceramics. Thanks to the staff for all their help. The Studio is a wonderful, calm oasis and my daughter and I had a really fun morning.”

“Thanks to the team at Studio Ceramics. We loved coming to your vibrant studio and painting together. The finished pieces looked really professional after you had fired and glazed them. What a great day out.”

“We’ve been coming to Studio Ceramics for many years now and can’t recommend it enough for a fun trip out. The staff are very friendly and great at helping everyone, no matter the artistic talent. The Art Studio itself is an oasis of calm and a great place for a relaxing outing, bonding with friends and family. The finished pieces look fantastic and the glazing and firing process means you can use the mug or plate you have painted. We enjoy making special, one of a kind mementos for family.” – Sophie March

What our customers say

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